Ethical Home

Home is where your pillow is, but what is it made of?

In our ethical home pages we are discussing the most fundamental parts of your home: food, pets, garden, parenting, cleaning and managing waste. We all ask ourselves what is the right thing to do.

Does it matter more that your food is local or sustainable?

What ingredients in your dog food are really important? Should you plant wild flowers to attract bees to your garden?


One of the most important parts of the day-to-day, food is a real cause for cocern when it comes to sourcing and consuming it.


Anything from the nutritious food to caring for their teeth, ears, nails and fur, we guarantee to advise on the best brands to use.


Where do you start? In our ethical gardening section you will learn the techniques of the "green thumb" touch to add to your green space.


We all want what's best for them but we are also mindful about teaching the new generation how to care for the planet and its habitants.


A clean home makes everyone a bit more happy. Cleaning ethically might cause some back ache, but it's totaly worth the effort.


We've all been there. Putting that impulse buy in the cart which just sits in the fridge until it's regretfully thrown out. Let's not do that.