For People & Planet

We are The Ethical Collective

Ethical: doing the right thing, when and where we can, as often as possible, for a better world.
Collective: global, like-minded community, supporting each other in making better decisions for a brighter future.
We know everything we do matters, and that even the smallest of actions lead to a big impact.

– kate disley, founder –

Our Mission

To love and enjoy life while ensuring our world thrives.

To help each other make incremental changes so that we can consume ethically, trade ethically and reduce our environmental impact.

By asking each other what can we do today, within our means, our resources, our time as individuals and as a community, whatever our starting point.

By making informed, better decisions so we can plan for tomorrow.

By putting words into actions, sharing information, viewpoints, insights, and neat life hacks through discussions, articles, events and podcasts.